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Acupressure - A Scientific View

***INFLUNZA ITALIANO CORONA*** Manovre di auto-aiuto con la digitopressione per il sistema immunitario/influenza
**GRIPPE/IMMUNSYSTEM*** Akupressur Selbsthilfe

**grippe/système immunitaire*** Acupression auto-assistance
**インフルエンザ/免疫システムのセルフヘルプハプティクス *** Infuruenza/ men'eki shisutemu no serufuherupuhaputikusu

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Welcome to, an example of Global Medicine where helpful ideas from one culture spread and become global. Here you find ideas based on experiences with methods we used in Stanford Hospital, Clinics and Community. They are taught and used in many countries and are based on touch and positive psychology. Here you will find resources for self help instruction as well as research papers documenting their positive impact. Global Medicine - PubMed ID 16301783

"We now stand at the precipice of health care transformation where disease prevention and health promotion in people, animals, and our environment have become a critical strategic need. " One Health -a collaboration where Veternary, Environmental and Public Health Departments unite.

US Geological Survey (USGS) report on the status of our water, land.

  Cancer and Psychohaptics | Bibliography on Touch Research | Paper on Haptic Medicine | Global Medicine

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Welcome to An Example of Global and Open Source Healthcare, based on experiences in Stanford Hospitals and Community.

Healthcare Resources for EVERYONE - Any Condition, Income, Education, Race, Ability

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Hands-On Resources

"My hope is that some day self-help will stand equal to drugs, surgery and other therapies."
Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School

Accessible, affordable and quality care CAN be achieved with innovative uses of technology.  Using media technology, web browsers, televisions or computers, Simple Self Care practices  like   the  ones on this web page can be accessed by almost anyone who is willing to give them a try.  Resources on 21CM include movies, text, and pictures, all are in English except  Multi-lingual Quick Self-Help for Disasters.  

Humans Without Borders

Multi-Lingual Quick Self Help for Disaster or Remote

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Also available by CD ROM or DVD.  We are looking for translators.  If you are interested please contact us.  1-510-967-9005


"If a picture's worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million..."     Curt Hall, Business Analyst


front cover image for mood master DVDMood Master  3 Recipes for Self-help acupressure that have a postive effect on mood, temperment, stress, and attitude.  Short, segmented material makes it easy to learn something useful quickly.  2 of the recipes can be done on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.  Learn them once, use them the rest of your life.

sleep master touch therapy dvd cover info

Sleep Master We collected all the self-help that repeatedly made everyone fall asleep and put it in this DVD. The idea is you drift off to sleep while watching it.  Submitted for review by the American Sleep Society.

Green Care Vol. 1 - Basic Self Care DVD material based on courses, lectures, and work in Stanford Hospital, Lucille Packard, Berkeley Primary Care, Berkeley Japanese Cultural Center and other places

Tai Chi Chair Combines Tai Chi with Self Help Acupressure from a seated position.  Sold in 5 countries      Reviewed by CAPHIS - Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the American Library Association

On-Line Videos


Positive health and positive emotions go hand in hand.   If you find it hard to imagine, check out this research, check out  your mood, and then check out these videos for some clever tricks for smoothing out  worry-faceWorryfear-faceFear ,
  frustration-faceFrustration,     sad-faceSadness,  
angry-face Anger

Personalize your experience of the material by exploring how long, how loose or tight,  etc.  Give it a chance.  The next time you think you're going to worry yourself sick, try self-help.  Suggestion to try for 5 minutes, and if that doesn't work, try 15 minutes.   These are so easy you can do them at work, at home, at school, in a doctor's office, clinic, hospital, etc.  Use them  anytime to shift your mood.

SPECIAL VIDEO: Hands On Healing At Stanford

The Film takes place at the Cardiology Ward of Stanford Hospital where Cindy gives an acupressure session to a patient recovering from heart surgery.  The patient turns out to be a nurse practitioner who not only practices self help acupressure, but who helped create the integrated mind body program at Stanford.   She talks about healing and her ideas about mind body. 


cindy mason, cmt, phd
C. Mason, CMT, Ph.D.
, has worked with psychohaptics for six years with patients, families and caregivers in the Stanford and Berkeley communities. She works with people with a variety of conditions including immune disorders, cardiovascular conditions and PTSD.  Realizing many people cannot access or afford private sessions, she created a cookbook for self-help haptics and made it available through the web and on DVD.  She teaches self-help to patients, families and caregivers and has given lectures and workshops at various clinics and hospitals in the Stanford and Berkeley areas including the Berkeley Primary Care, Stanford Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, Veterans Administration Multi-Trauma Unit Palo Alto, the Japanese Community Center, and the Jewish Community Center.  Ms. Mason is a research associate at Stanford University, specializing in the study of mental and emotional state, and a virtual faculty of the Future  Health Technology Institute.  She has received various awards including a fellowship at Stanford Medical School and the National Research Council.  She began studying psychohaptics as a result of her own personal experience with side effects of prescription medicines.
penny eileen mason Eileen Mason, M.T., C.T., breast cancer survivor, the eternally optimistic and humorous part of the team, Earl's wife, active in many large public health projects including nursing education, heart health, MS Act, etc.  Eileen received an award for Outstanding Contribution  to the Community in Palm Springs, California.  Among other things, she is famous for  having  worked with fire departments from 3 different counties in organizing a CPR class for 1000 students on Valentine's Day.   
earl mason, phd, md Earl Mason, Ph.D., M.D., a good hearted country doctor turned public health advocate, retired and now active as a board member of the Stroke Activity Center in Palm Springs, vice chair of the Institute for Critical Care of U.S.C., clinical professor at Indiana University and U. Chicago. Earl is board certified in Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Anatomic Pathology, Pathology - Dermatopathology, and Radioisotopic Pathology.

This work would not be possible without the love and support of many people including artists, translators, patients, nurses, doctors, directors, students, professors, IT buddies and friends in the Stanford, Berkeley and Boston community.