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 Sometimes we get a request from others who are also in a teaching position to purchase materials.  Below you will find a selection of short films, charts, and other material that can help to make an impact when giving a presentation, teaching, or just for yourself in case you are curious.   The practice of the material also helps to increase a sense of compassion and connection in students, instructors, practioners, individuals.

Anatomy of Touch     Short film describing the physical and chemical mechanisms of touch in the human
                                  nervous system.         ITEM HMP-2008F1   

The Healer and The Nurse    Unusual footage shows a very special interview between a nurse practitioner
                                 who is recovering from heart surgery and a hands on healer.   The nurse pracitioner
                                 describes her own healing journey and her 9 year effort to start the Integrative Mind Body
                                 Program at Stanford Hospital. The interview takes place from the cardiology ward
                                 while a hands on healing session is underway.    ENGLISH SUBTITLES SUITABLE
                                 FOR HEARING IMPAIRED AUDIENCE.     ITEM HMP-2008F2     

Five Fingers             Demonstration film shows how to hold 5 mudras that influence our moods and health.
                                  ITEM HMP-2008F3  

Eight Moves             Demonstration film shows how to hold 8 different hand positions that switch on our
                                 body's natural healing systems.  ITEM HMP-2008F4  

The Whole Schmear  A collection of short films and jpegs you may find helpful in teaching or understanding.
                                  ITEM HMP-2008F5  

People often find it helpful to refer to a chart when finding locations for hands on healing recipes.

BASIC POINTS USED IN TAI CHI CHAIR                POSTER  Color Laminated Chart                ITEM HMP-2008CRT2     

BASIC POINTS IN CORE HARMONIZER         8.5 x 11 Color Laminated Chart            ITEM HMP-2008CRT3     
BASIC POINTS IN CORE HARMONIZER         POSTER  Color Laminated Chart         ITEM HMP-2008CRT4      


Humans Without Borders        Recipe Collection in HardCopy and Electronic            ITEM HMP-2008R1          
Immune Function                   Recipe Collection in HardCopy and Electronic            ITEM HMP-2008R2          
Renew and Restore                Recipes for recovery in complex or chronic                ITEM HMP-2008R3          
Five Fingers                          Collection of Artist Drawings HardCopy Only              ITEM HMP-2008R4          

Caregiver Support                  Recipes for Supporting Yourself                                ITEM HMP-200R5