All are 1 step except the back recipe, it is 6 steps.
OK to do these while doing other things, or to fall asleep, etc.

Blood Pressure     197Kb GIF

Breath / Chest/ Smoke   206Kb GIF 

Chaos  4.59Kb html/text

Choke/Throat  Clear the Throat  351Kb JPEG

Coma 319Kb JPEG  

Detox : Hold Opposite Fingers and Toes (Left Big Toe + Right Little finger, then Left index toe + Right ring finger, etc. then do other side - Right Big Toe + Left little finger, and so on)

Exhaustion, Body Out of Gas  188Kb GIF

Grief and Loss 304Kb JPEG

Heart, Physical and Emotional 316Kb JPEG

Mental Stress and Psychological Help 375Kb JPEG

*General Directions      4.91Kb 5026 bytes    
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"My hope is that some day self-help will stand equal to drugs, surgery and other therapies."
Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School     

*Ancient methods helping people for many centuries, used at Kaiser, Stanford, etc.
**Teaching Materials  developed with help from  patients  and friends at Stanford Hospital and community, artists, translators.
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