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Tai Chi Chair is the Perfect Exercise for The Office or Home

Its easy to tell people to make exercise part of their daily routine. Its not so easy to get them up and go spend an hour and a half getting there, exercising and showering and back again when schedules are already packed with meetings, parenting, working, commuting, etc.

For sitters of all kinds, the slow motion movements of Tai Chi Chair increase body awareness, agility, circulation, and best of all peace of mind. Tai Chi Chair is tai chi movement for the seated position. What makes Tai Chi Chair special is that instructor Cindy Mason integrates self care acupressure into the set, including simple holds that can be used while in meetings, at home and even commuting. 

"Wow.  This is exactly what we need.", Senior Physical Therapist, Mass. General Hospital
"Its something I do in my office before meetings, and it really helps me chill out at work...", Jason, SRI
"Its not like jogging, or even fast walking.  Its simple, and very gentle but I got a lot out of it.  My back doesn't hurt as much since I started doing Tai Chi Chair.  And now I'm starting to do more of the other things I used to do."  Jack, Retired Physician
"I can't afford not to do this."  Gregg, NASA Ames Engineer

"You can really tell that Cindy put a lot of love into this."  Laurence, Artist

VHS and DVD designed for view in short segments or as continuous play.
Chapter 1:   Introduction  (6 min. 17 sec)   Contains: What is Tai Chi Chair?   What is Tai Chi?  What is Chi Kung?  
Chapter 2:   The Guide  (5 min. 51 sec)  Contains: Acupoint locations and functions used in the Tai Chi Chair set. Posture, Energy Gates.  A 5-MINUTE Body Tune-Up.

Chapter 3Tai Chi Chair (22 min. 17 sec.)  Contains: Series of Tai Chi Chi Kung movements integrated with Self Care Acupressure in a seated position. The movements take us through a series of moves for the legs, back, arms, chest..

Chapter 4About The Instructor (1min. 25 sec.)  Short Bio
Contains:  A brief bio of Dr. Cindy Mason, instructor.  Images of hospital settings.

Chapter 5Tai Chi Research (1 min. 24 sec.)  Science Meets Tai Chi
Contains:  Research at Harvard, U.S. Government studies, Internet References.

*Chapter 6Bonus Material (5 min. 41 sec.)  Simple Self Care Contains:  Self Care used by patients at Stanford Hospital. Reported in  Late Breaking News at The Psychoneuro-immunology Research Society, 2003,  and at the Institute for Future Health Technology Annual Conference in Boston, MA, 2003.  


This VHS/DVD is for anyone who often sits, including office workers, frequent flyers, seniors, and to keep moving while recovering from knee, hip or other surgeries.  Arthritis Today called Tai Chi "tailor made for those suffering with arthritis", and NIH studies report increase in immune function, balance, and reduction in stresss.  This DVD/VHS extends the benefits of Tai Chi integrating Self Care Acupressure, as used by patients at Stanford Hospital, from a seated position.
In addition to a 20 minute set of Tai Chi and Chi Kung moves from your chair, it also includes a guide to basic acupressure points for immune function, pain, and other acupressure points used in the set which can be used as BODY TUNE UP anytime, anywhere.  DVD includes additional instruction on Self Care.
Instructor Cindy Mason provides a guide to acupressure points for pain and immune function and  visually instructs Tai Chi Chi Kung movement with relaxing sounds from the bubbling creek near Indian Canyons in Southern California  where filming took place.

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